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Exploration Leadership: An Astronaut's Perspective

Warren Carter, IRC USA - The QualiFind Group | 23.04.2019

Breaking boundaries to solve complex problems calls for "exploration leadership"...

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How Locals Can Play a More Prominent Role Leading Multinationals in Asia

Grace Abella-Zata | 16.04.2019

Hiring more locals to fill top posts at Western multinational corporations (MNCs) operating in Asia doesn’t just further inclusion, it’s good business. Localising leadership requires overcoming cultural conditioning in certain Asian cultures that may, in certain circumstances, be a hindrance to upward mobility in large global organisations, but organisations that are cultivating local management in the region seldom regret it.

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Getting on Board: A Woman's Dilemma

Hudra Zulkiflee, IRC Malaysia and Thailand | 09.04.2019

Globally and within Malaysia, there is a growing awareness of the need to increase the percentage of women on corporate boards. The Malaysian government also announced a target for 30% women representation on public-listed corporate boards. So, where do we presently stand? The World Bank Research group shows that as of December 2018, Malaysia has 15.7% female board representation across all public-listed companies.

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Mind the Gap: Millennials vs Generation X and Baby Boomers

Ricardo Nugent | 08.03.2019

Millennials, together with generation X, are quickly becoming the largest working demographic globally, nearly on par with baby boomers, and in many parts of the world, already outnumbering them. Gaps in communication and suboptimal working relationships can be avoided by bridging the generations proactively.

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Leading in a Transformational Age: An Indian Perspective

Rohan Carr, IRC Australia | 04.03.2019

Mr Prashant Tandon is the founder and CEO of 1mg, India's largest digital health platform. As a visionary healthcare entrepreneur, Tandon has been listed as one of India's top 40 most influential people under 40 years of age (Economic Times: 40 under 40).

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2019 Higher education talent trends in Australia

Rohan Carr, IRC Australia | 26.02.2019

The higher education sector not only shapes the world in which we live but also is shaped by it. While Australian universities undoubtedly punch above their weight internationally, they remain highly susceptible to global events; be they opportunities or challenges. This will no doubt continue in 2019.

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KidsRights: Changing the NGO world

Patrick Westerburger, IRC Netherlands | 05.02.2019

At KidsRights the children define the agenda and ensure that their message is reaching a global audience.

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Will 2019 & 2020 Be Better for Women?

Warren Carter, IRC USA and Mexico - The QualiFind Group | 16.01.2019

Female executives and politicians in the US have reason to view their future with renewed optimism. Recent events show a shift towards competence and away from bias.

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Professor Pookong Kee on the Higher Education System in Australia and Asia

Rohan Carr, IRC Australia | 17.12.2018

Professor Pookong Kee, currently Director of the University of Melbourne's Asia Institute has recently been appointed as the next BHP Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University. Professor Kee brings a unique perspective with his extensive experience at senior levels both in Australia and within Asia. We recently caught up with Professor Kee and discussed emerging issues in higher education in the region.

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Can Emotional Intelligence Improve Your Job Change?

Melissa Nielson, IRC Japan | 05.12.2018

Changing jobs can be a challenging process. From interview anxiety to long waiting periods without a response, changing jobs can begin to take a toll on you. Fortunately, developing and understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI) can make this process easier. EI has been increasingly discussed because of its importance in effective leadership, however, emotional intelligence applies to all aspects of life including changing jobs.

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