HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy

Aspire HRC team comes with a wealth of corporate experience that is diverse and broad. We map existing processes, assess gaps and ultimately bridge the gaps. We also have the skill to design solutions and assist/guide your teams implement them, track development and measure success criteria. Our techniques, tools deployed, business understanding, and recommendations are based on world-class best practices. Our house developed methodologies, tools and techniques proved to be effective and easy to adopt in lots of organisations.

Areas of Expertise:

Change Management Services

Aspire HRC partners with a leading international firm that is specialized in organizational culture shaping, and executive training and development to provide their clients with comprehensive change management processes. As a leading firm in the field of change management, we always spend a significant amount of time understanding the organizational culture to surf through the transition smoothly. Our focus on the team spirit is a key driver towards a successful change.

We help our clients set new processes to help employees adapt with new changes in the organization. Naturally, we focus on the people side of the change and target all leadership levels of the organization. When change management is executed properly employees feel engaged in the change process and cooperate with each other to achieve a common objective, recognizing the benefits and achieving the desired results. Change Management is becoming imperative in today's world where digital media prevail and the pace of change is incredibly fast.

Managing Business Performance (OKRs)

Aspire HR Consultants is pleased to announce our partnership with the US-based company Profit in the area of Managing Business Performance.

This partnership compliments our product services/portfolio to serve you as an HR one-stop shop. Together we provide a comprehensive OKR management solution to define Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) at every level of your organization.This will help you not only to survive the Covid-19 current lock down situation but also to bloom and stay ahead of competition today and the days to come. OKR system has in one way or the other enabled large companies like Google, Intel, Amazon, Linkedin, Adobe, and many more to stay relevant and out-perform their competition time and again. This OKR management solution is meant to define Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) across your organization.