Outsourcing & CSR

Outsourcing has become a trend in human resources business nowadays. Outsourcing is a way for companies to grow while restraining overhead costs. We provide the following outsourcing services:

Payroll Outsourcing

We offer many payroll services that eliminate the need for in-house clerks. We manage all your payroll operations from data entry, pay stubs to banking transactions. Our team ensures that your outsourced payroll services goes without interruption as we assign a dedicated team to your business.

Compensation and Benefits Services

We provide you with a specialized team to develop a compensation and benefits program that specially tailored to match the needs of your business.

Proactive Recruitment

Aspire HRC leverages from their international recruitment expertise to implement their experiences in sourcing talent in all functions and industries to deliver productivity to your operations. Through proactive recruitment we offer customized solutions for your business. We build collaborative partnership with you to understand your ambitions and goal for your business. Via this relationship we customize solutions that are unified with your operations and teams.

Administrative Functions

Furthermore, we provide you with the best talents for all of your administrative functions. Through a meticulous recruitment process we ensure efficient professional employees that meet all your requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focuses on business impact on society. We support our client’s efforts to attract, develop and retain their employees and hence maximize their performance and profits. However, we also support them to achieve this responsibly. We work as partners with our clients to improve the well-being of the company and society.

We proudly join hands with our US partners aiming at introducing state of the art culture shaping approaches.

We also proudly join hands with our clients to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility and improve the well-being of the society they are in.