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The way NGOs must operate in the future

Malcolm Duncan, IRC Global NGO & Not For Profit Practice Leader | 02.06.2020

The current criticism of the World Health Organisation for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic highlights a major issue for the way NGOs must operate in the future.

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2020 Could be beginning of new decade for women

Raj Kumar Paramanathan | 20.05.2020

We are at the precipice of a new decade of change for women. As 2020 creates new promises across different socio-economic fronts, this decade will embrace and welcome women’s role in government, politics, business and corporate leadership in a way that normalises their presence and influence in otherwise homogeneous male environments.

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Human potential – the key to a restart

Mirek Hofírek and Petr Kulhánek, IRC Czech Republic | 19.05.2020

We find ourselves in a time that is unfortunately affected in all aspects of our lives by an invisible threat. It’s a threat that not only affects human health, but has entered people's minds with devastating effect, upsetting their psychological balance and the economic health of society, and as a result posing existential questions by part of the population itself.

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Overcoming barriers to women’s leadership and unlocking the power of diversity

Sophia Zhao | 15.05.2020

Many women are successful in their professions and as leaders across levels and industries. Yet, as they grow, hone their skills, and pursue their goals, they face a range of challenges or roadblocks to leadership success. How can women advance their careers, and how can organisations be sure they’re making the most of all their talent?

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Retain and rebuild to brave the storm

Raj Kumar Paramanathan, Managing Partner, IRC Malaysia & Thailand | 07.05.2020

If there’s anything we’ve learned from crises since the Great Depression, it’s that companies that choose to transform and innovate are those that will continue to thrive and grow. A study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) showed that companies that invested significantly in innovation delivered 4% higher shareholder value when the economy recovered from 2007 – 2012.

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Technological megatrends affecting industrial and production industry

Michael Kantel, IRC Global Industrial/Production Practice Leader | 06.05.2020

The velocity with which the fourth industrial revolution is progressing is now challenging manufacturers to roll up their sleeves even further to keep the momentum going as they achieve various milestones along their digital journey.

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Message to our Clients

Aspire Team | 01.05.2020

Aspire HRC team appreciates the difficult times impacting most industries and all companies, changing not only our social lifestyle, but also how we work. Times like this, remind us that we are all connected and with patience , understanding and compassion, we will together cross the hurdle.

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My Morning Routine by

Rania Abdalla | 17.04.2020

My Morning Routine looks each week at how a successful member of the community starts their day — and then throws in a couple of random business questions just for fun. Speaking to us this week is Rania Abdalla, founder and managing director of Aspire HR Consultants, a homegrown HR consultancy that works with over 100 multinational and local companies.

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Our Star Employee of the Year - 2019

Rania Abdalla | 16.04.2020

Our Star of the Year is an award given to one Aspire HRC employee who goes the extra mile with a positive attitude. Our winner for the year 2019 is Eman Ghazy.

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We are Growing!

Rania Abdalla | 13.04.2020

Aspire HR Consultants Appoints a New Partner for our Consultancy Division! Welcome on board Ayman Emam.

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