Women Mentorship Program

Aspire HR Consultants has launched a world class women mentoring program - Aspire MentorHer - for its clients. Our tailored mentoring program is a complete solution combining methodology with technology. It helps you transform your people and your organization. The program consists of 5 pillars and it is designed to fit your specific needs. Your organization can benefit from all the pillars above or choose the relevant ones. To know more about the program please email us at: mentroing@aspire-hr.com

If your company is interested in designing its own mentoring program or if you want to become a mentor please fill in this application: https://www.aspire-hr.com/en/Application-form/

The women mentoring program that we are launching consists of five programs:

We kicked off our women mentorship program with a global mentoring walk in celebration of International Women's day on March 15th, 2022. We hosted this walk in The British University in Egypt, this walk also took place in 60 other countries around the world!